About Denton Birdwatch

Hello, my name is David Riewe and I am the Denton Birdwatcher.

Originally I started www.DentonBirdwatch.com in 2011 to share videos of birds that came to our backyard feeder. In May 2012, Rebecca brought home a dove fledgling that she rescued from grackles.  I didn’t know what to do with this young bird she brought home so I went by our local pet shop, Fish N’ Chirps, for advice.  They set me up with some bird cereal to hand feed the baby dove with along with instructions about what temperature to keep the food at.

By the 3rd day the dove was eating well and on about the 7th I noticed how he would get excited and wiggle his wings when I greeted him in the morning.  

During the month that I raised the dove I made many trips to the pet store and started paying closer attention to the different type of birds they hand raised and sold as pets.  Prior to this I had no knowledge or understanding of why people wanted birds as pets, but know I knew and also knew I was going to need a little buddy to replace the dove when I released him back to the wild.

On Friday June 3rd 2012, I released Plato (the baby dove) back to the wild where he could join other white winged dove in our back yard.  3 days later I had a new cockatiel that I named Percy.


Fast forward to 2020. I’ve just finished raising four ducks and am exploring ideas for improving the quality of life for ducks at our local duck pond.

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