Wednesday, November 13, 2013

8 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Pet Birds Health.

1. Birds need to eat a nutrionally sound diet in order to live a long life. Improper feeding can lead to malnutrition and disease resulting in a shorter lifespan. Start off by feeding your bird right from the beginning.

2. Parrots and birds of the parrot family can eat a variety of different kinds of foods. Seeds should not be a parrot’s only food. This is a mistake many new bird owners make. Seeds contain mostly fat and not enough protein and very few vitamins.

3. Birds can eat most table foods but it is best to stick to healthy items including items containing whole grains, pretzels, and whole wheat pastas and bread. Foods high in fat should be avoided. Never feed them avocados as they are toxic to birds.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

6 things that we have to consider before buying a bird

What to start with? First we have to consider the following:What can I afford? How much space will the bird need? Is there any free time for the bird? How noisy is the bird? Will the neighbors murmur?